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Confidentiality is taken very seriously at Bioscience Editing Solutions. Research today is highly competitive and it is very important to keep your findings confidential until they are peer reviewed and published in an open forum. We take several steps to ensure that your data remain confidential. Each manuscript that we receive is only viewed by a managing editor and the editor that performs the initial edits. All of our editors have signed a confidentiality agreement with Bioscience Editing Solutions that legally prevents them from disclosing your submitted information. In addition, since our editors are active researchers and journal editors themselves, we guarantee that your manuscript will not be edited by a direct competitor in your field. In order to prevent a conflict of interest, we also do not assign manuscripts to any editor who is also an editor for the journal you will be submitting to.

Bioscience Editing Solutions will also enter a confidential/non-disclosure agreement with any University or Company if so requested.