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Bioscience Editing Solutions was founded by a small group of Ph.D. graduates of Columbia University with the belief that English grammar and stylistic eloquence should never be a limiting factor in the sharing of scientific data amongst the international scientific community.

Science is a universal language and limitations in communicative expression should not inhibit truly exceptional scientists from achieving publication and research funding success. Our goal is to help you write clear, engaging, and succinct manuscripts that convey your data effectively so that the merits of your research can stand on equal ground with international competition.

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Experienced, Qualified Editors

The editors at Bioscience Editing Solutions are carefully chosen and meet several requirements:

  1. Native English speaking Ph.D. or M.D. graduates from the top 20 universities in the USA
  2. Active academic or industry researchers who publish regularly
  3. Serve as journal or grant peer reviewers
  4. Have a proven publication record in top-tier journals
  5. Have experience providing technical editing services for authors who speak English as their second language

Our editors are carefully chosen experts within their respective fields and we have editors that cover most specialties of the biomedical sciences and clinical medicine. They are all active scientists and clinicians in either academia or industry who regularly publish their own work. Each scientific editor understands the importance of publishing in high-impact journals and will work with you throughout the process to achieve your goals.

A Long History of Publication Success

We have successfully helped innumerous scientists edit their work for publication in Nature, Science, Cell, Molecular Cell, Nature Reviews, Current Opinions, and many other top-rated high impact journals.

The background and publication records of our scientific and medical editors as well as a list of the journals where our clients have published after using our service are available upon request.

Representatives in China and Japan

For the convenience of our Chinese and Japanese clients, we have representatives based in China and Japan who are available to answer your questions and can mediate the editing process with our editors based in the U.S.

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